Taking Care of the Humans on Your Team | Leadership Now

The Nick Vujicic Podcast
The Nick Vujicic Podcast
Taking Care of the Humans on Your Team | Leadership Now

We are now in our sixth month of both our podcast and this global pandemic. So much has changed in the course of these six months, and how we manage and lead our teams should have changed as well, for the better. We are in a crucial time of learning and growing as both leaders and team members, especially as it relates to hearing one another and being a safe place for others. In this episode of Leadership Now, Nick and Christine give us insight as to how to navigate some of these conversations and asking the hard questions.

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Born limbless, Nick Vujicic is a New York Times best-selling author, world-renowned speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. With his personal stories, unique perspectives, and interviews with other over-comers; “The Nick Vujicic Podcast” will inspire you with life lessons, truths, and attitudes needed for your personal growth and development. –

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